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The Museum of Sacred Art in Certaldo

The collection comprises sacred artworks from the surrounding area

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The museum is located in the historic centre of Certaldo Alto, near the Palazzo Pretorio, the House of Boccaccio and the Saint Jacopo and Filippo Church, which dates back to the 12th century. The church—which houses the tomb of Beata Giulia, the patron saint of Certaldo, and the tomb of Boccaccio—was an Augustine convent in the early 1400s until 1783.

The pinacoteca, or the main gallery, is one of the many sacred museums in the Florentine area. Its aim is that of gathering the religious and sacred artworks that were located throughout the area in an effort to safeguard and better conserve them. These are works that can no longer remain on display in their original locations, and that have been gathered in this museum in order to be viewed by the public at large. The pinacoteca is located in one of the area’s most important religious places.

Opening Hours:
April 1 to October 31, 2009: Monday to Sunday, from 9:30am to 1:30pm and 2:30pm to 7pm.

Ticket Price:
A single ticket includes entrance in to three museums in Certaldo: 6€
Reduced: 4€
Groups of 25 people or more: 3€

Full ticket price for this museum only: 4.50€
Reduced for groups of 25 people or more 3€
Free entrance for children 6 years and under.
Special price for Touring members: 50% discount.

Disabled Access:
The museum is accessible to the disabled.
Boccaccio’s hometown is one of the prettiest towns in Tuscany
The hilltop medieval town of Certaldo has always been one of the favourite destinations of history lovers, who enjoy the stroll with a taste of the Middle Ages through the old town centre boasting unique features. Originally an Etruscan settlement, Certaldo owes its name to the former appearance of the hill on which it stands. ...