Photo ©Sailko

Civic Museum of Palazzo Pretorio in Certaldo

Exhibitions showcasing paintings and archeological finds inside the historical building

Palazzo Pretorio was built between 1117 and 1164. It was the old house of earls Alberti, a family who owned even others lands in Valdelsa. The façade conserves numerous coats of arms in marble and stone as well as precious examples made by exponents that emerged from the famous school of ceramics Della Robbia. The building is the main exhibition space in Certaldo and during the year it hosts a variety of different events, including exhibitions, lectures, conferences, seminars and theatrical performances. 
Frescoes at Palazzo Pretorio - Credit: Davide Papalini

In addition to this, the permanent museum displays artworks by Pier Francesco Fiorentino and frescoes by Benozzo Gozzoli and other artists from his workshop. A section is dedicated to ancient Roman and Etruscan archeological finds that were discovered in the surrounding area.


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