Centro di valorizzazione Casa Carducci

The Casa Carducci

The home of the poet between 1879-1894

Castagneto Carducci

The Casa Carducci is located in the Literary Park dedicated to Giusuè Carducci and was opened to the public thanks to an agreement between the Espinassi-Moratti family (the current owners of the property) and the City of Castagneto. Visitors can see the rooms where the Carducci family lived, as well as an informative program which draws connections between Carducci's poems, the biographies of people connected to the poet, and the places he frequented.

Opening hours:
June 16-September 30: Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-1pm and 4pm-6pm
October 1-June 15: Saturdays and Sundays, 3pm-6pm.
Open to groups by appointment.

Entrance fee:

Not accessible for wheelchair users.

Via Carducci 59
Ph: +39 0565 765032
Email: castagneto.archivio@comune.castagneto-carducci.li.it

Castagneto Carducci
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