Ponte di Fabbriche di Vallico

The bridge of Fabbriche di Vallico

Famous 14th century structure

Fabbriche di Vallico
The most well-known monument in Fabbriche di Vallico is the bridge that unites the two parts of the town and that has the shape of a mule’s back-saddle. The bridge is dominated by a building that in the past was used as a customs house with the funds assigned to prisons, as it marked the boundary between the Duchy of Modena and the Republic of Lucca. Architecturally interesting is the Romanesque church of St Giacomo in Vallico di Sotto. The church’s interior is divided into three naves and conserves a precious 15th century triptych showing the Madonna with Child among Saints attributed to Bernardino del Castelletto.
This footbridge spans the Turrite Cava stream at the town of Fabbriche di Vallico, near a beautiful spot in the valley where the stream meets a brook
The bridge deck is slightly inclined and it consists of a segmental arch. The sandstone bridge was built by local masons near a water-mill in the 14th century. It is in a good state of preservation and currently is still in use.
Fabbriche di Vallico
A lovely village in the heart of the Garfagnana
Fabbriche di Vallico is a lovely village in the heart of the Garfagnana, on the banks of the River Serchio. Worth a visit in the town is the church of St. Jacopo, built on the place where once the old hermitage of the Agostian monks stood, built at the beginning of 1200 and closed halfway through the XVI century due to the lack of monks. ...