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The Audiovisual Museum of the Resistance

The Museum is located in Fosdinovo, an area of Tuscany where the war and public executions of civilians left an indelible mark

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Via Prate 12 - 54035 Fosdinovo (MS)
The "Museo Audiovisivo della Resistenza" of Massa Carrara and La Spezia is in Fosdinovo, in the Apuan Alps, between Tuscany and Liguria. This museum is dedicated to the memory of the Resistance against fascism.
Historical accounts of the Italian Resistance kept and displayed in this museum were collected by people who had first-hand knowledge of the historic events.
Modern video technology give visitors a rich cultural and historical view of the facts happened during WWII. The museum wants to promote and safeguard the public’s remembrance through audiovisual tools. In facts, a vast range of documents and multimedia instruments, create an interactive experience for every kind of visitors.
The museum also has a photographic library with photos of the Resistance in the Apuan and Luni areas as well as a collection of publications on the history of the Resistance and its implications on a national and European level.

This evidence of the past gives voice not only to the Partisans and to the opposition to the Nazi occupation, but also to the civilians, the victims of war, of poverty and massacres. The exhibition is organized in a chronological way, from the rise of fascism to Liberation, passing through the Nazi genocides, the civil opposition, the dramatic episodes of war and deportations.

Fosdinovo is an age-old town that for centuries has served as a gateway to the historic Lunigiana region, an area whose highlands dominate the Val di Magra plains and the town of Luni. From the town’s streets to the hill’s ridges, this area exudes the air of a borderland: here you’ll sense both the ocean and mountains, while its cuisine serves as the best example of its hybrid nature, a real ...