Riserva naturale regionale Ponte a Buriano e Penna

Ponte a Buriano Regional Nature Reserve

Gentle hills and beautiful hikes

Civitella in Val di Chiana

The reserve runs for 7 kilometers along the Arno River, from the Buriano Bridge to the electricity center in the valley that is part of the ENEL area. It includes the artificial lake and the surrounding land areas. The landscape is characterized by gentle hills formed by river sediment from various epochs including vertical walls and crags. From the paper mill in Ponte a Buriano to Rondine, the Arno rushes over rocks and embankments before opening up from Rondine to Penna. The flora is characterized by Downy Oaks, brush, agrarian fields (mainly situated along the left bank of the Arno) and a marshy area in the eastern portion of the reserve.

The reserve’s trails
Trails A (2 km; 20 minutes) and B (400 m; 10 minutes) can be reached from the Visitors’ Center in Ponte a Buriano, both in the eastern portion of the reserve. Both trails lead to the grove of reeds. Trail C (800 m; 15 minutes), which departs from Pieve a Maiano, leads to the lookout stations on the Penna Lake. Access to the huts is allowed only through guided visits.

The Grande Escursione dell’Arno (GERDA) is being constructed along the right bank of the river. Once completed, the trail will run from Ponte Buriano to the ancient fortified towns of Rondine and Penna before continuing towards the valley to the Valle dell’Inferno/Bandella Nature Reserve and terminating in the small town of Acqua Borra. The trail is truly beautiful, with river valleys set deep into the land and portions filled with thick woods and small waterfalls. The portion of the GERDA trail located within the reserve runs 9.4 km and can be hiked in approximately four hours.

Disabled access: yes
Qualified visitors’ center: no
Alternative personnel: yes
Means of transportation: no
Specific trails: no
Other accessible trails: yes
Altitude: level
Welcome center: yes

Civitella in Val di Chiana
Visit the 13th-century Church of Saint Mary
The municipality of Civitella in Val di Chiana is in the province of Arezzo, at a height of 280m above sea level, and has a population of about 8,000 inhabitants. ORIGINS Some archaeological findings have shown the Etruscan origins of the first settlement of Civitella and the subsequent arrival of the Romans to the area. ...