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Museum of Orsini Palace, Pitigliano
Photo © Sidvics
Photo © Sidvics

Museum of Orsini Palace


In Pitigliano, a palace-fortress with 21 frescoed rooms and works of art

The Museum of Orsini Palace in Pitigliano is a noble palace-fortress, the construction of which began in the 12th century at the behest of the Aldobrandeschi family. In 1312, the palace passed to Romano Orsini, under whom the fortified complex consisting of three circular towers connected by perimeter walls, drawbridges and public and secret entrances was built.
In 1465 the palace in the center of Pitigliano was enlarged on the occasion of the marriage between Niccolò III Orsini - captain of the Venetian Republic - and Elena Conti di Montelanico. In about 1520 the building was fortified under the direction of Antonio da Sangallo the Younger. It became the property of the archdukes of Tuscany and was ceded to the diocese of Sovana in 1793.

The Museum

In the impressive 21 visitable and totally frescoed rooms, works of art of different workmanship and origin are collected and exhibited: wooden sculptures, engravings, a Madonna by Jacopo della Quercia; paintings between 1300 and 1800, including Cozzarelli, Girolamo di Benvenuto, Zuccarelli, Nasini, Pascucci, Pietro Aldi. The museum also houses communal rooms and an original castle oil mill.

Lastly, a fine representative collection of sacred art, with precious chalices, silver and filigree and enamel crosses, altar hangings and scrolls since the 9th century, Cinquecentine (16th century books).

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Museo di Palazzo Orsini
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