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Area naturale protetta Poggio Ripaghera - S. Brigida. V.Inferno
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Nature reserves: Poggio Ripaghera - S. Brigida. V.Inferno

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Sweet rolling hills and century-old forests make for some of the most evocative landscapes in Italy. This pristine territory is also characterized by many cultural-historical treasures. The best way to discover the natural beauties of the area surrounding Pontassieve is on foot, by mountain bike or on horseback. Nature lovers can follow many of its special trails that stretch along hilltops or mountain sides. Humans settled in this area as far back as the Etruscan and Roman periods; archeology fans will delight in a visit to the Medieval sites of Montefiesole and Monte di Croce.


The Protected Nature Reserve of San Brigida, Poggio Ripaghera and Valle dell’Inferno offer the chance to view various plant and tree species, in addition to a wide range of wild fauna. Another important attraction located in this territory, is the Parco Fluviale, river park, that runs along the banks of the Arno. S. Brigida’s ANPIL, founded by the Municipality of Pontassieve in 1997, stretches for more than 800 hectares. It is located on the south-eastern side of Monte Giovi, which reaches an altitude of 992 meters. This pre-Apennine range goes from east to west and divides the northern side of the Mugello and the Valdarno in the south. The nature reserve is located near the hamlet of Santa Brigida, on the outskirts of our municipality, a few kilometers from Florence, bordering Poggio Ripaghera, Poggio Abetina and the cool, shady Valle dell’Inferno.

Along the Renaissance loop, the town's attractions include iconic bridge and a nature reserve
The town of Pontassieve, located at the spot where the river Sieve flows into the river Arno (and which is named after the famous Medici bridge built in the same place in the 16th century, was founded thanks to Florence’s decision to establish a castle there in the 14th century. ...