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MO.C.A. - interior
Photo © MO.C.A
Photo © MO.C.A

Mo.C.a Civic Gallery - Montecatini Contemporary Art


An exhibition space inside the municipal palace dedicated to contemporary art

Since 2012 Mo.C.A - Montecatini Terme Contemporary Art has been an exhibition space dedicated to contemporary art. Its opening, on the ground floor of the Municipal Palace, an exceptional place in terms of beauty, provided the opportunity to restore the marvelous rooms destined until 2005 to house the Regie Poste (the Royal Post office), as evidenced by Galileo Chini's cycle of stained-glass windows, marked by the theme of communication.

A masterpiece of the permanent collection is Dona envoltada d'un vol d'ocells en la nit (Woman encircled by a flight of birds in the night) by Joan Mirò (1980, mixed media on raw canvas), one of the five largest canvases made by the Catalan artist, donated to the city in 1980 on the occasion of the Mirò May event, thanks to Carlos Franqui, a Cuban exile friend of Mirò.

The Gallery's artistic heritage boasts works by masters such as Cezanne, Sassu, Zeynalov, Carrà, Rossi, Claraz, Viani, Moore, Oldenburg, Cuevas, Badwan, Cantini, Zanzotto, Bartolini, Ceroli, De Carolis, Delacroix, Klinger, Signorini, Greco, and again Italian artists, such as Minoli, Alviani, Olivieri, Napoleone, Gribaudo, Cascella, Strazza, Asdrubali, Rotella. Street Art is present with works by Banksy, Taki183, JR, Ben Eine, Ache77, Blub, Cope2, Shepard Farey (Obey), Biodpi, Exit/Enter, Zeus, Zeb.

In 2020, the Municipality of Montecatini Terme initiated a policy aimed at acquiring works by donation. With the project Florilegio Italiano - Artists Invite Artists, a connection with the academic world was born thanks to the support of Bressan, Giovannelli, Granchi and Notargiacomo. This path has increased the collection with more than 600 works of graphic art and paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures and comics.

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