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Medieval hamlet home to breath-taking views

This village is a small jewel of defence architecture. With its elongated shape, it is the prototype of a hill town whose ancient houses are arranged in concentric circles in an effort to defend the town’s cistern and its ancient Sienese family. Here, mushrooms, and chestnuts grow in abundance and the area hosts ample wild game. The area boasts noteworthy panoramic vantage points, where visitors canmarvel at the landscape’s beauty. Contended by the Salimbeni and many other noble families, Montorsaio served as an outpost for the Republic of Siena for centuries. Visitors to the Church dei Santi Cebone and Michele won’t want to miss viewing a copy of a very refined Madonna and Child by Sano di Pietro. In the Oratory of the Crucifix, you’ll find a noteworthy wooden sculpture of the Virgin Mary attributed to the school of Agnolo Romanelli. Guests will also delight in seeing the mysterious ruins of the ‘Convento della Nave’. This convent has many legends about licentious friars and terrible murders which make its atmosphere quite unique.


Dante describes this charming medieval village and its frescoes, in the Divine Comedy
Campagnatico is a typical medieval town, both in its urban structure and in its strategic position. It stands on a rise, planted with olive trees, which to the east, drops off sharply over the Ombrone Valley. The ancient castle belonged to the Aldobrandeschi family of Sovano, and was mentioned in Canto XI of Dante’s Purgatory. ...