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The Innamorata Beach, Capoliveri
Photo © ©R.Ridi/
Photo © ©R.Ridi/

Spiaggia dell'Innamorata

Naturalistic attractions

Capoliveri is home to the romantic cove where, in summer, the legend of the two lovers lives again

The Spiaggia dell'Innamorata (Beach of the Enamored) is about 6 kilometers from Capoliveri. It is a very long beach, about 280 meters long, characterized by dark sand. Not far away are the Gemini islets, a popular destination for hiking and ideal for snorkeling, with clear waters and a seabed rich in marine life.

The beach, sheltered from winds and currents, is partly free and partly occupied by beach resorts providing many services, including bars and restaurants. To its left is the small beach of Punta delle Ciarpe, where traces of mining activity in these places can still be found.

The Innamorata beach seen from above
The Innamorata beach seen from above - Credit: ©R.Ridi/

What attracts visitors to this small corner of the Elba Island is above all the legend of the two lovers, after which the beach is named. The tragic story of two local young people, Lorenzo and Maria, was born in 1534: the couple found refuge here against the hindrance of her family, which opposed their love. When Lorenzo was killed by pirates one day, her betrothed also threw herself into the sea. This happened on July 14, and still now, on this day, the Feast of Lovers is celebrated in Capoliveri, with a parade and a large torchlight procession at sea.

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