Raccolta Carlo Pepi

Carlo Pepi Collection

From the Macchiaioli to works by Lorenzo Viani

The Carlo Pepi Collection is housed in the Villa Pepi at Crespina. Its creator has gathered works of art over many years, following his instinct rather than the fashion of the day. The collection centres on the Macchiaioli Movement, their followers and Fattori’s pupils. Another section covers the first half of the 20th century. Another very important and substantial section is dedicated to the avant-garde artists from the latter half of the 20th century, comprising some 10,000 works by 1500 artists. For some of the artists, the collection contains paintings that illustrate their whole artistic life, as is the case with Giovanni Fattori, represented by as many as 700 works. Lorenzo Viani is also very well represented, with some 300 works, letters and even a few books; the same is true for Giuseppe Viviani. Also fully represented are the exponents of the existentialist movement, the classical Florentine abstractionists, the Atoma Group and many others. The collection also includes the complete works of Giovanni March, Volrolino Fontani, Marcello Landi, Gianni Bertini, Ferdinando Chevrier, Renato Lacquanini, Renato Spagnoli, Franco Baroni, Mino Trafelli and Alessandro Volpi. There are also thousands of books, catalogues, documents and notepads.

Villa Pepi - Via i Gioielli, 13-15
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Source: Apt Pisa
An oasis of tranquility in the Pisan hills
Crespina is a charming village nestled in the hills of Pisa, not far from the sea. An oasis of tranquillity, it is surrounded by the green Tuscan countryside. Visitors to the area are sure to enjoy itslush forestsand the natural beauty of its old farm houses and country villas; they were built over the centuries by noble Pisans who spent their summers in the area. ...