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How to make italian deviled eggs?


How to make your holy eggs deviled...

Saturday night, late, throughout Tuscany, families that went to mass had their eggs blessed. Typically this  religious tradition implies one hard boiled egg for every family member getting blessed. Now, I don't know how many people are in your family, but often, there are lots of left over boiled eggs... Serves 4 Ingredients 4 eggs 1 spring onion 1 spoonful capers 1 can of tuna (80 gr) 200 gr mayonnaise 1 spoonful of grated paresan cheese (parmiggiano reggiano) dab lemon a few drops of tabasco salt and white pepper Preparation Put the eggs in a pot with cold water. * When the water begins to boil set a timer at 8 minutes, these 8 minutes will give you hard boiled eggs. In the meantime, take the capers and the spring onion and start chopping, as finely as you can ( I do not use a food processor since i think that processors give a creamy effect that in this recipe we do not wish to obtain).   Next add two spoonfuls of mayonnaise and the parmesan cheese. In a separete plate crush the can of tuna with a fork, crush until the tuna is not in chunks but nearly pureed. At this point the eggs should be ready, once you take them off your stove put them underneath cold water, peeling them will be easy! Carefully divide the egg in half horizontally and separate the yolk from the white -  add it to the tuna keep crushing yolks and tuna together. Now,  bring all the ingredients together, and add a dab of lemon juice, some tabasco sauce, salt and white pepper. You will have a creamy mixture that should be neither chunky nor runny. Now the fun begins! This part of the preparation will make your deviled eggs special. In this recipe we are not simply filling the empty part of the white, (the part that was once filled by the yolk) we are actually "reconstructing" the egg. The result will be an egg shaped deviled egg! So, how do you do this? You need to wet your hands in water and take the filling with your bare hands cupping it around the egg halves. Finally you will need to put the remaining mayonnaise into a pastry bag and create a decoration to cover the filling that will make the egg creamy white -  nobody will know that your leftover hard boiled egg, now, has a delicious filling! Tip* make a whole using a needle on the top of the egg --------- Pic Credits  RMT - E for Egg