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State of Mind Minimal Art @LuCCA

seligerNow open: State of Mind - Minimal art from the Panza Collection at LuCCA Contemporary art gallery from April 10 to June 27, 2010. Here's information about this exhibit and some resources for other things to see on a day trip or visit to Lucca. Eight artists present works from the past two decades that attempt to interact with the white gallery space while using the formal vocabulary of the minimalist movement (essentially of the 1950s). Formal vocabulary and materials take precedence. If you think this sounds boring, just look at the fun images - I think this is an exhibit worth going to, and if I have a chance I'll hop over to Lucca and report on it for you.

Participating artists are: Lawrence Carroll, Lies Kraal, Timothy Litzmann, Christiane Löhr, Emil Lukas, Jonathan Seliger, Séan Shanahan, Roy Thurston. The Panza Collection is the private collection of the Milanese Giuseppe Panza of over 2500 works, many of which are donated to or on loan to important collections worldwide. [gallery link="file"] For your trip to Lucca, you might find these other resources useful:

  • A photo gallery of churches in and around Lucca, where the late medieval Pisan romanesque style dominates.
  • for your planning: "Lucca is Tuscany's best choice" by AroundTuscany
  • while you're there try to eat the extremely local Garmugia Soup or some farro described here by Tuscanycious.