Easter with Galileo 2

Spend Easter with Galileo!

Tour Pisa to explore this great Tuscan's life

The Galileo Tour is a two-kilometre, two-hour walk around Pisa’s historic centre, with two brief stops to rest. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to walk around Galileo’s hometown and learn more about his life and his greatest discoveries! The tour was organized in collaboration with the Pisa Province.

Tour itinerary:

Casa Ammannati – Galileo’s Birthplace – Birthplace the great scientist, born of Vincenzo, a musician, and Giulia Ammannati during the rule of the Grand Duke of Tuscany Cosimo I de’ Medici.
Piazza Cairoli, an old fruit and vegetable market along the Arno river. Childhood of Galileo in Pisa and disclosure of his talents.

Borgo Stretto – Church of San Michele – commercial centre of Pisa. Cheerful life of young Galileo as a student of medicine at the university of Pisa.

Palazzo della Sapienza
/ old anatomical theatre. The old centre of the university of Pisa, where Galileo received the chair of mathematics in 1589. Hopes and disappointments. Travelling to Padua.

Palazzo Reale / Piazza del Duomo. The new skies discovered with the cannocchiale and the official call to the Court of the Medici - Piazza del Duomo and the laws of mechanics.

Meeting point for the tour
Casa Ammannati / Piazza della Repubblica – Galileo’s birthplace

Tour Dates
April 22: 10:30 am, tour in Italian

April 23: 10:30 am, tour in Italian

April 24: 10:30 am, tour in Italian; 3:30 pm, tour in English

April 25: 10:30 am, tour in Italian; 3:30 pm, tour in English

Tickets: 6 euro; min 8 - max 40 people

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