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Cheese Festival in Pienza

FieraDelCacioBarrels Rolled last week - cheese rounds will roll this week!

Location: Pienza, Piazza Duomo, UNESCO world heritage and famous for its pecorino cheese. Day: September 4th and 5th the cheese rolling competition. The cheese festival does however last from August 29th to the 5th. So stalls -vendors-music and flag throwers will be around for the whole time. Timing: 4 p.m. first, the younger cheese rollers and then the experts will throw the cheese making it roll as close as possible to the wooden cane in the middle of the square. Why: This peasant tradition was a passtime - a game that each family would play in their yards. The cheese is firm and smooth so rolling it in a certain angle to make it reach a specific point is NOT easy. Who: Participants belong to the 6 neighborhoods. To better understand what it’s about: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6i4meTh48Qg[/youtube] [geo_mashup_map]