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Siena Summer Festival


Throughout the summer, events, music, sports, culture and entertainment at the Medici Fortress

This summer, Siena's Medici Fortress will awaken to welcome the new edition of the Siena Summer Festival: an explosion of events, music, sports, culture and entertainment within its ancient walls.

The Medici Fortress enhancement project promises to transform this enchanting space into a vibrant oasis of entertainment. There will also be no shortage of refreshment stations, for refreshing drinks and delicious food, with spectacular views of the city.

Thanks to the Siena Summer Festival, the summer evenings will be enlivened by a host of events ranging from live music, theater and dance performances, and even a literary review with fixed appointments twice a month.

In the San Domenico Bastion, the Bar del Bastione will be the perfect place to hang out with friends, sit in the shade of the Fortress trees, sip an aperitif or a glass of bubbly accompanied by chopping boards and delicacies from our culinary tradition. Starting June 8, every evening during the events, Pizzeria di Fortezza will also be open in the amphitheater of the Fortress itself.

Starting June 23, the Siena Summer Festival's panorama of events will be joined by Cinema in the Fortress programming, every evening at 9:30 p.m., curated by Coop Nuova Immagine.