This medieval village rises on the banks of the Arno

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Calcinaia, anciently called 'Vico Vitri', name given to the village for its production of vitrified dishes, is found on the banks of the River Arno and was founded in medieval times even before 1000 AD.
Subsequently the village gained the current name of Calcinaia in reference to the numerous limekilns that at the time increased in number throughout the territory.

The Church of St. John the Baptist is well worth a visit, where you can admire an interesting, wooden choir from the XVII century, two statues from the school of Andrea della Robbia and an important fresco of more recent times showing St. Ubaldesca by the painter Fornaini.
Other monuments of historical and artistic interest are the Church of the Crucifix company and the Upezzinghi family’s Tower.
To celebrate its link with the Arno, every year since the 19th century the traditional regatta is held on the river between the town’s districts, in honour of the patron Saint Ubaldesca Taccini.

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