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Carducci House Museum

In the town of Santa Maria a Monte there is the home where the poet’s family lived

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Santa Maria a Monte

The Carducci House Museum in Santa Maria a Monte was the family home of the poet between 1856 and 1858. It was in this house is where the tragic death of the second-born Dante took place, for unexplained reasons. The poet’s father died a few months after and he is also buried in the old cemetery in the village (today Campo della Rimembrenza).

Canducci remembers the incident in the famous verses:

O tu che dormi là su la fiorita 
Collina tosca, e ti sta il padre a canto;
Non hai tra l'erbe del sepolcro udita 
Pur ora una gentil voce di pianto?

In this space the municipality has created a guided tour of the life of the family and the social and cultural context of the poet during his time, through photos, reproductions of documents, books and ad hoc figurative material.

In the museum there is also a permanent exhibition for the master Possenti (26 paintings and drawings), “the Gentle Giant”, inspired by the life and words of Carducci.

Info: valdarnomusei.it

Santa Maria a Monte
In this enchanting medieval village the poet Giosuè Carducci spent his youth
Santa Maria a Monte is an enchanting village in the hills of the Cerbaie and Arno areas. Its ancient centre is among the most interesting examples of Tuscan medieval village, with a typical egg-shaped structure placed on a single main road. ...