Coreglia Antelminelli

Emigration and Plaster Figurine Museum

Collection of plaster faces

Coreglia Antelminelli
The museum houses a collection of plaster casts from the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as a permanent crèche exhibition. The museum’s pieces are true works of art from the medieval period up to modern times, each important for their socio-historic significance. The exhibit represents the migratory pattern that in the past produced important effects in various European countries, based on the fabrication and sale of plaster figurines in the valley from the 16th to 20th centuries. The majority of the pieces are from the Carlo Vanni Scuola di Disegno e Plastica donated by Remo Molinari (1883-1973), the descendent of an important figurine artisan family. Numerous private donations from families in the Coreglia area have enriched the museum’s collection.
From 1 October to 30 April, weekdays from 9-13. From May to September, weekdays from 9-13, holidays from 10-13 and 16-19.
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Handicap access:
via del Mangano 17
Tel: 0583-78082
Coreglia Antelminelli
Ancient history and the celebrated art of plaster figurines
Situated in the middle of the Valle del Serchio, Coreglia Antelminelli is a lovely hillside town at 595 meters above sea level, framed by the Apennine mountains. The oldest records of Coreglia date back to the X century. It first belonged to the Villa della Pieve di Loppia when the bishop Gherardo gave up power and handed over the city to Rodilando of the Rodilandinghi. ...