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Sassocolato Cave


A cave of huge natural interest

Sassocolato Cave, or the Grotta del Sassocolato, is a short walk from Castell’Azzara. Follow the signs up the hill towards Poggio delle Forche, a rocky outcrop visible from the town, and you will find Sassocolato Cave about a kilometre or so further on. The name Sassocolato translates to ‘dripping rock’ and perfectly captures the image of the numerous rocky formations that line its walls. The cave was formed naturally from marine karst rocks and maintains a fairly constant level, with only occasional drops and rises; stairways are nevertheless in place in the parts open to tourists.

One of the most interesting features of the cave is that it is home to large colonies of several bat species, whose numbers, during the summer months, reach up to 2000/2500. It is an ideal destination for hiking and trekking enthusiasts. Near the cave, moreover, you can also find mineral tunnels and Etruscan underground tombs.

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Sonstige Attraktionen in Castell’Azzara