Arezzo centro storico

Antique Market

On the first Sunday and every preceding Saturday

In 1968, thanks to the initiative of the antique dealer and collector Ivan Bruschi, the Antique Fair of Arezzo, was the first of its kind to be established in Italy. It’s held regularly every month and over the years has grown in size and reputation.

There are now 500 vendors from across the country selling their goods at the market, which is visited by as many as 30,000 customers.

The hunting can even start the evening before market day, when deals can be done even as items are being unpacked.

Thanks to the market’s success shops, local craftsmen, and art restorers of the town have increased considerably; in fact, today in Arezzo there are over 100 antique shops, a figure which in thirty years of Antique Fair has almost increased ten-fold – in 1968 the dealers were no more than 15.

In Arezzo the supply is extremely varied, and sufficient to satisfy even the most demanding collectors and art-lovers.

Hours: 8 am to 8 pm
Tel: 0575 377993 
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