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Tuscan Batter Recipe

[Photo credits: Burde73]
[Photo credits: Burde73]

Throughout the year different poultry, vegetables and meats are fried in tuscan homes. Onion rings, artichokes, chicken, rabbit, fennel, zucchini blossoms, cardoons, sage leaves ....frogs.... Bellow is the classic batter. It is important to notice the fact that no eggs are used in the classic batter, however if you have vegetables or meats that you decide have a more intense flavor and are tougher (artichokes for example) you can chose to use eggs as this won't cover their flavor. Same thing when deciding on whether to use plain sparkling water or beer. Many people use beer because it gives extra puffiness to the batter but keep in mind that beer does have a flavor and if you have delicate tasting veggies you might end up tasting the batter and not what's inside it.


  • All purpose Flour
  • Sparkling Water
  • Salt

Preparation Place flour and a pinch of salt in a bowl and slowly begin adding your sparkling water, use a whisk and beat. Make sure no lumps are formed. Tip* Place batter in the fridge before frying