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Recipe for Pupporina cakes

There is an ancient tradition in the town of Bozzano whereby on the 24th August, the saints day of Saint Bartolomeo, the women of the town make round cakes. These traditional cakes, which are round and with a cherry on top, bear a close resemblance to breasts, hence the name ‘pupporina’. Once the cakes are ready, they are given to the children of the town who then form a procession which leads to the church of Saint Bartolomeo. The cakes are blessed in the church and then eaten. Local tradition dictates that these cakes help lactating women produce more milk – which is where their name and shape come from.

Pupporina cakes
are made from flour, eggs, sugar, butter, yeast, aniseed, a little Marsala and Sassolino liqueur and lemon rind. These cakes are very easy to prepare.

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