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Octopus recipe from Elba Island

Polpo all'elbana

The sea around Elba and more generally in the Tuscan archipelago is protected and thus the quality of the fish is guaranteed. All recipes are simple but the taste of the sea runs on your palate - when eating fish on Elba you are not harming the environment and you are making a healthy choice for your diet!


Serves 5
1kg - Octopus
Kosher Salt
1-2 dried hot chili
Olive Oil


Bring 4 lt. of water to boil, with a carving fork grab the octopus  and immerse it in water for three times keeping it down for 5 seconds each time. At this point add the salt and  small dried chilis and let the octopus cook for 30 minutes with a lid over your pot.  Once the octopus has cooked drain and leave it to rest for 20 minutes removing its head.
Finally take the garlic and parsley and chop it up - mix in with abundant olive oil and pour over the octopus. Serve warm or even cold!
......now you're ready for some great nightlife!