Negroni a Tuscan Drink!

Between 1919 and 1920 (we don't the know exact month or day) Count Camillo Negroni and the young barman Fosco Scarselli of the Caffè Casoni created the "solito" that can be translated into the usual. They simply used the Americano as the basis and added plenty of gin to it.  After a long time and its success they bagan calling it Negroni (Camillo and Fosco were good friends). If you want to taste the real Negroni in that same location today you will Roberto Cavalli's Caffe and Boutique where the Negroni remains one of the most requested drinks. A Tuscan Drink! One part of gin, one part of sweet vermouth, and one part of Campari. [geo_mashup_map] Geoff Peters 604| Negroni