Pappa col pomodoro

Voyage through the flavours of Pistoia

Vetrina Toscana a Tavola suggests Pistoiese restaurants that offer traditional dishes made with local products

Tuscany has a rich agricultural tradition with a variety of produce which is native to the region. Alongside the regions best known products are a number of lesser known specialties which are worth discovering. It is with this aim in mind that the Vetrina Toscana a Tavola network was created to promote local dishes made with local products. The restaurants which have joined the network offer traditional menus which rely on Tuscan olive oils and wines, meats and vegetables.

Pistoia boasts 64 trattorie, osterie and taverne that are members of the Vetrina Toscana a Tavola. From Lamporecchio to Montecatini Terme and Montale, these eateries offer gastronomic oases for discovering the true flavours of Tuscany. Each restaurant offers a unique tasting menu, but they all focus on traditional recipes and local wines.

From local specialties like pappardelle with wild boar sauce to traditional soups like farro soup, ribollita and pappa, to the local appetizer with pecorino cheese, honey, finocchiona salame and soprassata. Or try the penne "alla Larcianese", fried pork with chickpea puree, steak with herbs and mushroom risotto.


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