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Via Romea from Campi to Poggio d'Acona

A nature walk around Arezzo to find inner peace

Our journey along the Via Romea in Tuscany continues. And it’s all about nature.


We start in Campi (in the province of Arezzo), where in the past the old route could veer in two directions: 

One headed from Bibbiena, along the Vessa torrent, to the Arno, crossed over the Arcena bridge; continuing to Rassina and reaching Subbiano.

The other option, on the other hand, climbed up at Montecchio and then to Pian d’Oci, before dropping down at Rassina.

Pilgrims are advised to leave Campi: a small village in the municipality of Bibbiena, near an old bridge over the Corsalone, not far from La Verna.

Having crossed Fosso Grande, climb up to Sarna (municipality of Chiusi), a village with a famous castle plan to retrace a 10th-century tower, a fortified gate and a 14th-century hospice.

The next village is Rosina, in the municipality of Chitignano, before heading for Taena.

Make sure you visit Chitignano Castle before going to Il Palazzo and Il Poggiolino. Lastly, you reach Poggio d’Acona: a picturesque village, once the Ubertini Castle, near Valenzano Castle.