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Parco Naturalistico le Biancane
Photo ©Alice Russolo e Nicola Santini

The Via Etrusca from Volterra to Piombino

On the trail of the ancient Etruscans from the Val di Cecina to the Etruscan Coast

143 km
Difficulty:Hiking Trail
First Stage

Volterra to Pomarance

Roman theatre in Volterra
Roman theatre in Volterra - Credit: Alessandro Farese
Second Stage

Pomarance to Castelnuovo Val di Cecina

View of the Rocca Sillana, Pomarance
View of the Rocca Sillana, Pomarance - Credit: Alice Russolo e Nicola Santini
Third Stage

Castelnuovo Val di Cecina to Monterotondo Marittimo

Biancane Natural Park
Biancane Natural Park - Credit: Alice Russolo e Nicola Santini
Fourth Stage

Monterotondo Marittimo to Frassine

Monterotondo to Vetulonia
Monterotondo to Vetulonia - Credit: Enrico Caracciolo
Fifth Stage

Frassine to Sassetta

Rimigliano Park
Rimigliano Park - Credit: Shutterstock / Roberto Nencini
Sixth Stage

Sassetta to Suvereto

Rocca di Suvereto
Rocca di Suvereto - Credit: Flavia Cori
Seventh Stage

Suvereto to Campiglia Marittima

Campiglia Marittima
Campiglia Marittima - Credit: Flavia Cori
Eighth Stage

Campiglia Marittima to Baratti

Rocca San Silvestro
Rocca San Silvestro
Ninth Stage

Baratti to Piombino

Baratti and Populonia Archaeological Park
Baratti and Populonia Archaeological Park - Credit: Stefano Cannas
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