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Viareggio: la perla della Versilia

The Versiliana Park: Theatre, nature and other attractions

A park for young and old alike where nature meets culture

Just a few kilometres from the beach at Marina di Pietrasanta lies the Versiliana Park, one of the Versilia's oases of green. Much loved by locals, and very popular with tourists, this destination offers the pine woods typical of the region, hiking paths and an attractive collection of cultural offerings.

The park, which extends from Marina di Pietrasanta to Forte dei Marmi, is the “green lung” of the Versilia coast. It encloses a variety of different landscapes: from ancient dunes to dense brush; river banks populated by turtles and water birds to a woods that changes with the seasons and one of the last semi-marsh areas in the Versilia. Framed by the pine woods, the theatre is the site of the famous Festival della Versiliana, an annual event that lasts the full summer season. Every type of performance is presented on this stage: prose, dance, music, cabaret and theatrical pieces written by important playwrights and performed by famous actors.

The Caffe also offers a cultural meeting point for afternoon artist meetings with important Italian artists. These coordinated events are open to the public whose direct participation is encouraged.There's room for children as well with the Versiliana dei Piccolithe Little One's Versiliana—with creative activities which offer learning experiences in a fun environment with workshops dedicated to working with clay, marble and painting as well as a library and other entertainment.The Villa is worth visiting—a beautiful historical building which offers a rich calendar of temporary exhibits.

A stroll through the pine trees reveals the Pine Nut Factory, located near the Villa, where local pine nuts were harvested for international export. The original machines are still displayed inside, and the interior is used for a variety of art exhibit. It's easy to understand why this pine wood was so loved by the poet D'Annunzio, inspiring many of his works and serving as his holiday home in the summer months when he would invite other writers to visit him here.

Entrance to the park is free.

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