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The Pania Ring

Discovering the Queen of the Apuane

A vast network of trails covers the territory which includes the Park of the Apuan Alps. About a hundred trails have been marked by the Italian Alpine Club, yet, we must also consider the long-distance treks that have been created by local mountaineering associations like Garfagnana Trekking, Trekking the Apuane, Lunigiana Trekking or Alta Via delle Apuane
Surely one of the most fascinating trails to take during the spring leads to Panie ring. The route takes an average of six hours to walk, but it does not present great difficulties. Hikers should depart from Piglione. Leaving the car in the vicinity of the chapel, hike the CAI n. 7 path up to Rifugio Rossi. From there, expect another hour of climbing (CAI n.126) in the Vallone dell’Inferno until you reach the summit of Pania, the queen Apuan Alps (1,859 m above sea level). Hikers are sure to appreciate the area’s breath-taking landscape. At this point, the trail descends to the mouth of the Mosceta river and leads to the beautiful Del Freo Refuge. From there, you’ll want to follow path n. 9 and shortly afterwards take the n.127. Thanks to said trail, you can bypass Pizzo delle Saette and return to your point of departure.