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The Lower Valle dell'Ombrone by bike

Explore the most beautiful villages in Tuscany

This itinerary completes a ring around the Lower dell'Ombrone valley, between the Amiata ridge and the city of Grosseto. The streets have little traffic and there is only 3 km of via Scansanese (S.P. 159), which is fairly trafficked, to navigate. The altitude in the first half of the tour is fair but doesn’t present any particular difficulties. When considering the managing of one’s energy resources, keep in mind that the last part of the tour requires a certain freshness in order to climb the last 4.5 km uphill. Places for refreshment, other than at Campagnatico, may be found at Marrucheti, Istia d'Ombrone, Arcille and Sant'Antonio.

Departure and arrival point
: Campagnatico
Difficulty: medium
Incline: 340 m
Type of road: asphalt
Length: 42.3 km

The itinerary begins in front of the Campagnatico city hall building. Head downhill in the direction of Grosseto and Scansano (do not follow the sign for the Si-Gr 4 lane highway). Almost immediately you come to a T-crossing where you’ll take the left, still descending and following the signs for Grosseto, Scansano and Granaione. After about 1 km (1.4), take the road on the right, S.P. 44 "Conce", in the direction of Marrucheti and Istia d'Ombrone.

Continue the descent through olive groves and vineyards. After about 2 km the descent ends and you proceed without difficulty through more farms, groves and vineyards. Shortly the road begins to follow the winding pattern of the hills that edge the plain in which the Ombrone River runs. After 6.5 km from departure you reach the river basin and shortly after you begin to climb, heading uphill for about 2.5 km until reaching a hill top (9 km). Head down for about 1 km and continue, following the up and down of the hills, until reaching the hamlet of Marrucheti (11.8) where there’s a place to grab a bite (a café and small restaurant).

From here head downhill for a couple of kilometers and then again continue easily up and down until reaching the plain (17), skirting the Ombrone valley’s mountains on the right. Soon after you come to the hamlet of Stiacciole (19.7) where, near a T-crossing, you turn left and take the S.P. 159 in the direction of Scansano. After 300 m turn left again to enter the medieval village of Istia d'Ombrone (21).

Passing through the village you get back on the S.P. 159 "Scansanese" where you turn left and go over the bridge (22) that crosses the Ombrone River. After about 2.5 km you see a service station with a snack bar and immediately afterwards (24,8) you leave the “Scansanese” road, turning left onto the S.P. 17 "Voltina" in the direction of Arcille. Crossing the bridge over the Trasubbie stream (27.6) continue on towards nearby Arcille (28.8) where you enter a traffic circle and turn left in the direction of Campagnatico and Cinigiano, keeping to the S.P. 17 and passing the hamlet of Sant'Antonio (32).

The S.P. 17 proceeds straight on and quick; it isn’t very wide and there’s not much traffic but it’s advisable to keep prudently to the right and be careful of speeding cars. After Sant'Antonio continue for 1.5 km until reaching a fork (33.5) where you turn left onto the S.P. 18 toward Campagnatico. In a little under 3 km you gain the vantage point onto the Ombrone plain and the bridge over the river (37.5). The last segment of the tour climbs towards Campagnatico: you ascend for 4.4 km until reaching the fork on the right for entering the town (42.3).