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Il museo del tessuto di Prato

The Fabric Industry of Prato

A tour of the textile artisans in the City of Prato

The production of fabrics and materials in Prato started long ago and has become one of the main economic resources of the city and its nearby towns. The textile business is one of the oldest traditions; the origins of what has come to be known as one of the most complex mono-production centers of Europe coincides with the introduction in the 19th century of procedures for the recycling of wool from rags - the famous term "rag trade" comes from the time when rags were collected and compressed, allowing fabrics of every type to be spun at competitive prices.

Today in Prato, everything that possibly can come from a loom is woven here: from spun wool, combed fabrics, to mixed fabrics in wool, cotton, linen, artificial fibers and synthetic ones, all the way to high fashion as well as industrial fabrics and fabrics for furnishings and leather for shoes.

This itinerary is 3.1 km long.
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Businesses involved in this initiative include:

1. Tablecloths.it di Parri Massimiliano & C. s.a.s - Via G.Catani 28/C, 59100 Prato Prato PO
The production and creation of tablecloths

2. TeleadArte - Viale della Repubblica, 96, 59100 Prato (PO)
Artistic wall-hangings

3. Camiceria Baldini - Via del Pellegrino,6, 59100 Prato PO
Shirtmaker and clothiers since 1892
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