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The cycle routes of champions in Maremma

A challenging itinerary for sport and nature enthusiasts

The route exactly follows the Granfondo Massimiliano Lelli itinerary, signposted as GR6. It is an itinerary that provides good training both in terms of length (almost 170km) and in terms of altitude. While the road is never too steep, it is often very hilly. The route can be completed in 2 or 3 stages for those who prefer to take it slower.

The route starts in Manciano on the S.R. 74 road towards Pitigliano, heading downhill until the bridge over the river Fiora (10), from where the road heads uphill to Pitigliano, which you will come to around 6.5km after Santa Maria delle Grazie. At Pitigliano go downhill for 1.2km and then uphill again for 800m (18.5). Here leave the S.R. 74 and join the S.P. 4 towards Sorano which you will reach after around 9km along easy road. From the centre of Sorano (27.5) take the S.P. 22 which heads downhill.

After crossing the bridge, climb up for around 2km on the S.P. 22. When you reach the plateau, you will then head downhill towards Sovana (37.5) – the last 2km are quite steep. After Sovana head towards San Martino sul Fiora, passing an archaeological area with the tombs of Ildebranda and Cavone, important Etruscans. After around 7km, and after the bridge over the river Fiora, the hill up to San Martino sul Fiora begins (47.5). Continue towards Catabbio (ignoring the turn off on the right to Semproniano) and then take the S.P. 10 "Follonata" road towards Capanne, which then descends towards Saturnia.

After passing the junction to the town of Saturnia and the spas (62.5), go uphill, still on the S.P. 10, until the start of the S.P. 159 near Montemerano (68.5). Here turn right down to the bridge over the Albegna (72.5), where the gradual and beautiful hill up to Scansano begins (89.5). From the centre of the town continue downhill along the S.P. 160 which passes through Pereta (99.5) and arrives at Magliano in Toscana (107.5).

From Magliano in Toscana take the S.P. 94 "Sant'Andrea" road which heads gently downhill to the bridge over the river Albegna and merges into the S.R. 74: at the junction (116.7) turn right. You will come to the town of Marsiliana after 400m, at which point you should leave the S.P. 74 and join the S.P. 63 "Capalbio" road. The first 3km are hilly and then the road flattens out. After some more hills, an uphill stretch will take you to the town of Capalbio (139.9).

At the T-junction turn left onto the S.P. 75 "Pescia Fiorentina" road which passes the cemetery. After 3km leave the S.P. 75 and join the S.P. 101 "Sgrilla" road on the left, towards Vallerana and Manciano. After 9km you will arrive at Vallerana (151.9), and after another couple of kilometres, at the junction, turn right on the S.P. 101 until La Sgrilla (160.4). Here turn right again back onto the S.R. 74, heading uphill for 9km until you are back in Manciano (169.4).

Point of departure and arrival: Manciano
Difficulty: Challenging
Type of road: Asphalt
Length: 169.4 Km
Difference in altitude: 2255 m