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Val di Cornia and Suvereto
Photo ©Varda HB

The Cornia Valley by bike

A challenging route through beautiful landscape

This tour takes you through the Metallifere Hills, passing through the geothermic Monterotondo area. The most difficult climbs are from Pian dei Mucini to Monterotondo and the Strada Marsiliana.

From Massa Marittima take the S.P. 162 towards Siena. After Ghirlanda continue straight along the valley road until Pian dei Mucini (4). After 200m, opposite an ‘osteria’, turn left following signs for Monterotondo and Larderello on the S.R. 439 which, after Pian dei Mucini (3 km flat), heads uphill. Follow signs for Larderello. After around 4.5km head downhill for 1.5km and then up again for another 3km until a junction (16.7) where you should turn left towards Monterotondo on the S.R. 398 "Val di Cornia" road. Shortly after the town, the road heads downhill once more towards Monterotondo (20).

At the crossroads in the town centre, turn right and head downhill towards Piombino and Venturina. The road goes downhill steeply, with wide curves, towards the bottom of the Val di Cornia. Cross the flat area near Frassine (37.5), continuing downhill for around 9km until an obvious curve to the right (46.7): leave the S.R. 398 here and turn left towards Follonica and Massa Marittima on the S.P. 19. After 8km you will arrive at Montioni (54.7), where you can get food and drink. Continue along the S.P. 19, going into the province of Livorno: la S.P. 19 becomes the S.P. 33 and after 3.2km turn left onto the S.P. 143 "Marsiliana" road (57.9). This is one of the most beautiful roads in the area, winding through the hills and picturesque landscape.

The road undulates for 8km before continuing straight for 4km, after which you will see Massa Marittima. At the T-junction (70.1) turn right and for 1.1km continue along a beautiful avenue flanked by cypress trees. At the junction with the S.R. 439 take the S.P. 151 which heads uphill to the historic centre of Massa Marittima (73.3).

Point of departure and arrival: Massa Marittima
Difficulty: Medium/Difficult
Type of road: Asphalt
Length: 73,700 Km
Difference in altitude: 720 m