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The ancient Leopoldine Road by bike

A breathtaking trail in the heart of the Maremma

This exquisite itinerary will take cyclists along the ancient Leopoldine road, one of the Maremma’s loveliest trails. We suggest you take the 1.5-km uphill detour toward Casal di Pari, a small, characteristic hamlet. Take care while you cycle along the S.P. 64 near Paganico as the road has quite a bit of traffic. You’ll find grocery stores, restaurants and cafes in Paganico and Casal di Pari.

Departure/arrival point
: Paganico
Difficulty: Difficult
Road type: Asphalt
Length: 38.4 km
Incline: 350 m

Start off in Paganico’s Piazza della Vittoria, going toward Casero Senese, a fortified medieval fortress. From here, you’ll reach the S.P. 64 going toward Monte Amiata - Arcidosso - Castel del Piano. After about 2.8 km, turn left off the S.P. 64 toward Monte Antico, passing under the railway bridge. After 1 km, ignore the crossroads to the right that leads to Monte Antico. Instead, continue toward Casenovole - Casal di Pari. Expect a slight uphill trek for 1 km, followed by an increase in slope. After a hilly segment, you’ll reach the Capannelle estate, which was once an ancient deposit station. After 3.5 km, you’ll reach L’Impostino, a facility for agricultural tourism. The most challenging part of the itinerary will come next: expect a 600-meter slope change before continuing a steep descent toward the hamlet of Fercole.

From Fercole, the itinerary continues toward the right along the magnificent Leopoldine road. (Here’s where you can take a detour to Casal Pari). Once back in Fercole, take the S.P. 140 toward Casenovole. It initially runs downhill before reaching the rural block of houses at Poggio La Pila (18). From here, you’ll enjoy a lovely downhill ride amidst cypress trees, oaks and evergreens. After 1.2 km, you’ll find the scenic avenue of cypresses that will lead you to Casenovole (19.2). Continue going downhill, amidst olive trees, until you reach a fork in the road. Stay on the main asphalted road going toward Monte Antico and Paganico. Cyclists will appreciate views of the surrounding hills which feature forests and cultivated land; they’ll also catch a glimpse of the beautiful Ombrone valley.

A short trek uphill will take you to an ancient farmhouse called La Pievanella, before going downhill, toward Monte Antico. It runs alongside the railway station. The path will be flat as you go along the Ombrone plain. Then, expect to pedal uphill to the junction where you’ll turn left off the S.P. 140 to reach Paganico. Upon reaching the railway bridge, turn right onto the S.P. 64. A 2-km downhill path will take you into the hamlet (38.4).