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San Vincenzo: ready, set, go

Discovering the Val di Cornia by bike

Nature lovers in Tuscany won’t want to miss the area’s ample opportunities to experience the Great Outdoors. The Etruscan coast offers a wide variety of trails and roads if you’re looking to learn more about the Val di Cornia. Adventurers will want to set off from San Vincenzo’s Piazza del Municipio, going south toward Piombino.

After a kilometer or so, you’ll want to take a round-about leading to the S.P. 39 ‘Vecchia Aurelia’. A three-km ride will take you toward Campiglia Marittima, once you go over the overpass at S.S. Aurelia. From Campiglia, go downhill toward Cafaggio, turning right once you arrive at the S.P. 21 Campiglia Marittima. As you ride along the river-bank path located in the Val di Cornia, you’re sure to appreciate viewing the area’s ample cultivated fields and agricultural estates. A stop in Casalappi is certainly a great suggestion, thanks to the town’s noteworthy castle restaurant-inn dedicated to agricultural tourism.

After a 3-km ride, you’ll reach the Petra vineyards and cellar before getting to San Lorenzo and taking the S.P. 19 toward Montioni. After taking a rest at the local bar/restaurant, why not proceed toward the Nature Reserve, where you’ll see a stunning part of the Val di Cornia Park.

Those who cycle along the border of the Livorno-Grossetto province will reach the S.P. 143 Marsiliana after approximately 3 kilometers. It’s a hilly road, but well worth the views. Those who are looking to enjoy a long ride will want to make the 49-km trek to the center of Massa Marittima and continue along the uphill valley road that leads to the Piano dei Mucini. Once there, the weary will enjoy typical specialties at the Osteria Pian dei Mucini, before continuing downhill toward Larderello. After nearly 5 km, you’ll reach a fork in the road. Go left and you can take the SR 398 road to Monterodondo along the Val di Cornia. Expect ample curves and the chance to be immersed in some of Tuscany’s loveliest landscapes.