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Sacred Forests: from Campigna to Camaldoli

The second stage of the journey into the Sacred Forests of Casentino, starting in Campigna (the fields of Burraia)

From Campigna, head back to the Passo della Calla following the path which cuts through the bends of the road. From the pass, take the nearby forest trail that runs close to the ridge between Sassofratino and Stone’s integral reserves. Notice its enchanted forest atmosphere.

The forest is a compact and expansive area that exits into a grassy and scenic patch at the peak of Poggio Scali (1520 m). After the Passo del Porcareccio navigate through marshy glades before coming to the widest opening of Prato Bertone. From here, exit the ridge and descend through the tall pines that lead to the outer wall of the Sacro Eremo. For over ten centuries, this hermitage has served as a unique island of meditation and prayer in the vast wilderness of the forest.

From the Hermitage, continue towards Camaldoli along the path that cuts through the many bends in the road, located in the municipality of Poppi, inside the National Parl of the Casentinesi Forests, Monte Falterona e Campigna.

After a pond that was once used as a fishing location for the friars, appears three crosses that once marked the boundary of the Hermitage. Going alongside the Fosso di Camaldoli into the heart of the forest, one finds a pair of stone chapels and soon arrives at the Monastery di Camaldoli, home to the order founded by St. Romuald in 1024.

Extensive stone buildings are stretched around the central house and guest quarters, library and old pharmacy. A beautiful fountain with the Camaldolian symbol of joined doves guards the entrance.