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Puccini bike route

Music and sports from Viareggio to Torre del Lago

The route starts from any point of the cycle track called Fausto Coppi that follows around the promenade of Viareggio. Follow the road south towards the port channel. The bike path ends at the Burlamacca canal here, but you can follow the path to the left for R.Pilo, up to Piazza Manzoni and on the right, cross the bridge to reach via Oberdan, the stretch of road leading to the entrance of the Viale dei Tigli.

At this point, you can now enter the Macchia Lucchese, known as Pineta di Levante, which is part of the Migliarino-San Rossore-Massaciuccoli regional park, a forest that represents the typical Mediterranean vegetation.

We can take the bike trail to the right side of the Viale in the direction of Torre del Lago Puccini. Here on the left we find numerous campsites. Always to the left, in the middle of the Viale, you see the gate and the park of the Villa Borbone, built by Maria Luisa di Borbone, the Duchess of Lucca. Down the path of the Viale dei Tigli, we can follow the bike path to the right, inside the Pineta, which runs parallel to Viale Kennedy, in the direction of Marina di Torre del Lago Puccini.

At the end of the bike path, 300 meters before the roundabout on the Marina, we cross Viale Kennedy, and from here on the left side of the same street, apart from a fairly wide dirt road, we are lead to the Marina di Vecchiano.

Going on the road, in the middle of the pine forest, across the untouched dunes and vegetation, you arrive at Marina di Vecchiano.

A small wooden roundabout marks the center of the Marina, where in the midst of benches, you can admire fact sheets on various plants that are normally found over the dunes in front of the sea.

The park has placed descriptive placards, which identify animals that may be encountered in the environment.

From this small roundabout looking north is the splendid view of the surrounding greenery and the Apuan Alps. We are at the edge of the property of the Duca Salviati family, a private property of 3000 hectares that extend to the sea. Taking the paved road, in front of the small roundabout, you can admire a beautiful landscape, typically Tuscan, formed by immense fields and crops of ornamental plants.

Continuing on the dirt road heading south, on the other hand, you arrive after a few miles to the mouth of the Serchio river, called Bocca di Serchio, where there are many practice fishing with lovely views throughout the area.

Returning towards the Marina di Vecchiano, we continue our journey in the reverse direction of Torre del Lago Puccini. Once at Viale Kennedy, cross it and keeping on the right, we can travel across the Viale Europa of Marina di Torre del Lago Puccini, until we get to the bar that defines the Viale Europa from Marina di Levante in Viareggio, it is a dirt road with potholes and rocks) Along the Viale there are rows of many prestigious restaurants, while on the left the scene of the beautiful dunes stretches to the sea, covering more than half of the huge beach.

Returning to the Viale dei Tigli, we pick up with the first traffic light on the left and choose between two alternatives: returning to Viareggio or continue along Viale Marconi, crossing the center of the village of Torre del Lago Puccini, to arrive along the Via G. Puccini at the Belvedere on Lake Massaciuccoli. It is possible to visit this area, called the Villa Mausoleo del Compositore, year round. 

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