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Lungo il Bisenzio

Prato's bike paths: along the Bisenzio river

A relaxing route offering art and history

Departure: Ponte di Rio Buti, in the direction of the Valdarno
Arrival: Gonfienti
Distance: 9.3 km
Duration: 73 minutes

Crossing the hills of the Rio Buti Torrent to the border of the municipal territory: a nature route through small falls and deep woods. In the perpendicular trajectory of the Calvana, the itinerary boasts magnificent views of the city and overlooking olive groves and important villas: Villa Rucellai, a Renaissance villa that has been renovated several times through the centuries, and Villa del Palco, originally a country home of the merchant Datini that was later transformed into a convent. Near the central station, the route travels into the historic centre. Near Gonfienti, the route crosses the area on an ancient settlement.

Here are the routes:

Starting point: Figline
Destination: Ponte alla Dogana
Distance: 1 km
Duration: 7 min
Type: urban cyclists

From the medieval town of Figline, the track crosses through the protected area of Monteferrato: 600 acres of land with unique geological features and vegetation, entering into the Park Galceti, a beautiful nature reserve with eight acres of pine forest on the slopes of Monteferrato, headquarters of the Centre for Natural Sciences, which you can visit. Every year the Center for Natural Sciences plays an important role in preserving the local wildlife. The Villa Fiorelli, located inside the park, is a magnificent sixteenth century residence, recently restructured and transformed into a hostel and congressional center.  

Starting point: Ponte sul Rio Buti in direzione Valdarno
Destination: Gonfienti
Distance: 9,3 km
Duration:  73 min
Type: urban cyclists/bike tourists

Where the Rio Buti stream crosses the hills marks the limit of the municipal border: a nature trail takes you to waterfalls and deep gullies. Moving through the foothills of the of the Calvana trail, you’ll come upon a panoramic view of the city, with historic residences among olive groves: Villa Rucellai, a Renaissance structure that has been altered through the ages altered and Villa del Palco, the original country house of the Datini merchant, which was later used as a convent. Near the Central Station, the trail leads into the historic center. Near Gonfienti, the trail passes through an ancient settlement area. 

Departure: Ford of Via del Fosso
Destination: Ponte Bailey
Destination: 6,6 km
Duration: 50 min
Type: urban cyclists

This route is urban, taking you through a series of public parks, perfect for a stop or for a place to spend your free time. At the river level, this trail touches all of the city bridges, from the Ponte XX Settembre it leads you to piazza San Marco, to the Castle, to the old prison and other monuments of the historic center. The trail is next to the old fourteenth century city walls, giving you a great view of sixteenth century strongholds.  

Departure:  Ponte alla Dogana
Destination:  Innesto Torrente di Iolo
Distance: 7 km
Duration: 52 min
Type: urban cyclists/bike tourists

This route retraces old, rural paths, and much of it is along a dirt roat, almost entirely along the Bardena creek.  The panorama takes you through beautiful cultivated areas of the Pratese countryisde. Once you leave the banks of the Bardena creek, you cross through Tavola, and then the trail leads you to the Cascine Park. The Cascine dates from the second half of the fifteenth century, thanks to work by Lorenzo the Magnificent: he turned swampy terrain into a vast agricultural estate that could meet the demands of the entire city of Florence. Currently the park is the home of Slow Food Arcigola, a prestigious golf course, a horse farm and stables.

If you want to rent a bike, here are the locations:
Central Railway Station, Serraglio station, piazzale Ebensee (hospital), via Toscanini (San Paolo), piazzale Nenni

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