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castello Aghinolfi - Montignoso

Mountain biking through the Apuan Alps

Discover history and beauty on two wheels

From Montignoso, head uphill towards Piazza and, passing through the village, turn left on via Guadagni, a narrow road which leads to the Aghinolfi Fortress, a historically important strategic castle. The route here has beautiful views over the coast. Turn left on via Palatina and after around 1.5km (at Ca’ Barzi) turn left at Venturiello. The first stretch is on asphalt, and a rather steep slope, after which a dirt road will take you to Fragolito.

Follow the western slopes of Monte Folgorito until you are below the summit. The stretch up to here is bumpy and you may have to walk for parts. From Col di Melo take the road by Termo (part of Pasquilio). Below the slopes of Monte Carchio head downhill towards Pasquilio, and at Termo continue towards the "Chiesetta" (a small church built by partisans in 1644). Here, take the dirt track north-west until Sant'Eustachio, where you can visit the church which contains some fourteenth and fifteenth century works of art. From here, an asphalt road will take you back to Piazza. While you are in the town, it is worth visiting Villa Schiff-Giorgini, a nineteenth century aristocratic residence, and now the headquarters of the City, as well as the church of San Vito.

On Monte Folgorito you can also discover the ‘Apuan routes of the Resistance’ and the ‘Gothic Line route’ (at Termo). At Pasquiliio, near the ‘Chiesetta’, there is also a permanent photographic exhibition of the Apuan Alps Literary Award.


Point of departure and arrival: Montignoso
Length: 18,70 Km
Time: 3 hours
Difference in altitude: 692 mt
Difficulty: medium
Type of road: asphalt (46%), dirt track (54%)
Bike: mountain bike