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Mountain-biking on Elba

Mountain-biking on Elba - 4 itineraries

Itineraries to discover the island's beauty

All the roads on Elba Island are suitable for bike tours. The island's terrain is mostly mountainous and the up-and-down slopes are a delight for mountain bikers who will find a seemingly endless number of perfect paths.


Monte Calamita
12km - 4h - easy
The trail begins and ends at Capoliveri, in the area of the iron mines that still converse many interesting examples of industrial archeology. The path is wide and well kept. It goes through the Mediterranean maquis that is gradually reclaiming the land with its broom and rockrose as well as acacia, mimosa and, higher up there are cork and pine forests. Here we can see partridge and hare, but above all, it is the ideal habitat for the countless herring gulls that have “given” their name to a section of the coast, Golfo dei Gabbiani.

Campo ai Peri - Colle Reciso
5 km – 2h - medium
This path goes along the island's central ridge, offering vistas of landscapes to the north and south. It traverses different types of vegetation, from briar woods to the shady pine forests that are home to countless species of birds such as the great titmouse, the cuckoo and the short-toed tree-creeper, and may interesting butterflies. After crossing a holm oak forest the path ends at the top of Colle Reciso where the Fonte di Schiumoli spring is located. There are several options for detours to the sunny beaches of Golfo Stella or taking the Portoferraio road, to the ruins of the Roman villa known as “Le Grotte”.

Golfo di Campo - Golfo Stella
11 km – 3 h - challenging
This itinerary winds its way along three splendid bays: Campo, Lacona and Stella. The Mediterranean maquis that reaches almost to the shoreline, features broad stretches of briar, rockrose, rosemary, broom, myrtle, lavender and helichrysum. In the Fosso dell'Inferno the vegetation is even more untamed and we can find Linaria of the archipelago, a flower that only lives on the Tuscan islands. Springtime offers an unforgettable sight, the dune plants, such as pancratium and sea daffodils in bloom at Lacona, or the thorny euphorbias on the rocks at Capo Stella.

Marciana - Chiessi
9.5 km – 3 h - challenging
This is a trail for real experts and offers stunning views of the islands of Capraia and Corsica. From the evergreen forests near the sanctuary of the Madonna del Monte and a natural spring, we proceed to the foot of Monte Capanne, dominated by granite and mufflons and where amidst the selfheal and broom we can see the ruins of old Romanesque churches. Then, after crossing holm oak and chestnut forests that are home to wild boar and marten, we will arrive at Chiessi with its terraced vineyards.