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Castello Massa

Massa, nature itineraries

Discovering the area's beauties

From the center of Massa, go along the road leading to S. Carlo Terme called Via dei Colli, which offers various panoramic views of the area. Known for its thermal baths, S. Carlo Terme is world-renowned for its water that’s used to cure kidney disease. From its terraces, one can appreciate the Apuo-Versilia coast and Mount Brugiana. If you follow the Monte Belvedere road, you’ll reach the towns of Pariana and Altagnana, whose traditions are well-rooted in ancient times. Their typically medieval urban structures spring from the rocky landscape that dominates the Frigido Valley.

Antona is the area’s largest town. Full of history and small artistic gems, Antona hosts wonderful churches and marble icons that can be found in many of its alleys. Chestnut growing and harvesting is still a very popular industry. During summer holidays in mid August, locals celebrate a festival dedicated to ‘the Fritters of Neccio’ made with chestnut flour. If we continue our excursion along the provincial road of Massa Arni, we’ll reach a wide square in the town of Pian della Fioba. There, you’ll find the entrance to the Botanical Garden dedicated to physician and botanist from Massa called Pietro Pellegrini. Founded in 1966, it hosts some of the Apuana area’s most characteristic plants. It is owned by the Municipality of Massa which also acts as its manager, together with the University of Pisa’s scientific and didactic support. 

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