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La Ferrata del Pizzo d'Uccello

Walking in the Apuan Alps in springtime

Although this pathway presents quite a slope, this route is one of the most spectacular trails in the Apuane and you can admire the Pizzo d’Uccello, called the ‘Matterhorn of the Apuan Alps’. The route starts at Equi Terme (250m), a town famous for its sulphur springs and for its spas. In Equi there are two important caves: the Equi Tecchio and Buca di Equi. When you reach a metal bar at an altitude of about 400 meters, you can leave your car and walk uphill along an old route where blocks of marble were transported downstream. Marble transporters used animals and logs that they would rub with soap to make the blocks slide.

As you follow the lush trail, you’ll pass by buildings in the quarry known as the House of Old Machinery. From there, you’ll find a trail which cuts diagonally across the wooded slopes. From here, you’ll find the 190 ‘D. Zaccagna’ path leading up to the Nattapiana crest and the Foce di Lizzari, 1250m. The trail becomes level and reaches a point where you’ll have a good view of the Garnerone crest and the summit of Monte Sagro. Our route then follows path N.191 ‘M. Piotti’ which brings us to the Foce di Giovo, a region full of green meadows.

Here, you can enjoy an excellent view of surrounding valleys and mountains such as Monte Pisanino, Monte Cavallo, Monte Contrario. Without risk and with little effort, you can reach the summit of Pizzo d’Uccello (1781 m) from the Foce di Giovo. To return, you must pass over the Foce del Giovetti and go towards the crest of Capradossa. Shortly afterward, the ‘Tordini Gallicani’ path will bring you up to the slopes of the mountain, eventually leading you to a trail that runs alongside the ‘Casa dei Vecchi Macchinari’ (House of Old Machinery) and finally reaches Solco of Equi.

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