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Horsetrails in Pistoia

Take the splendid San Jacopo horsetrail

The San Jacopo horse trail is located on an important North-South road which connected with the Francigena in the Pistoian Appennine territory. This itinerary unwinds around the historical and cultural places near the provincial capital, mostly along gravel roads which are open to the public. The main section covers historical and cultural locations along the important communication roads that date to the Middle Ages, for example the Via Francesca della Sambuca and the net of roads and paths that connected central-eastern Tuscany with Lombardy, across the major Appennine passes. 

The horse trail has been named for Saint Jacopo, the patron saint of Pistoia since the 12th century, that is, since his relics were brought there from Galicia thanks to the initiative of the Bishop Atto. This act established Pistoia as a pilgrimage destination. The itinerary, beyond interesting historical, cultural and nature sites, covers important scientific stops like Pratorsi, the site of a famous observatory. The horse trail is about 260km long and is made up of 12 sections of varying lengths and difficulties. Sections which include sites of historical importance, villages and view points. Amongst these should be noted Vinci, the birth place of Leonardo Da Vinci; Carmignano and its wines; Comeana and the Medici villa at Artimino.