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Val di Cornia

From Val di Cornia to Massa Marittima through the metaliferous hills

An ideal itinerary for well-trained cyclists

An itinerary of great scenic interest that explores the fascinating environment of the Maremma hills.
Point of departure/arrival: San Vincenzo
Distance: 113km
Total climb: 1,380m
Altitude: min. 7 - max. 650
Road surface: asphalt
Difficulty: challenging

N.B. The itinerary calls for good physical condition and some experience of rides at varying altitudes. a short detour to visit the historic town of Massa Marittima is recommended.

Depart from San Vincenzo, heading south on the Old Aurelia (S.P.39). After 3km, turn left towards Campiglia Marittima, over the Aurelia (SS1) flyover. The road goes uphill to Campiglia Marittima (10.5km). From Campiglia go downhill for about 1km to the intersection where you turn left and continue downhill among olive groves to Cafaggio (15km). Turn left here, and then immediately right onto SP21 Campiglia Marittima - Riotorto, riding for 1.7km to the high-voltage pylons, then turn left onto the little asphalt road that follows the power lines.

After about 500m, the road makes a sharp bend right and passes under the lines. Ride through cultivated fields and farms for 2.5km on the flat road across the Val di Cornia alluvial plain to the junction with SP22 where you keep left, arriving shortly at Casalappi (holiday farm and castle). After about 3km, skirt the Petra vineyards and winery before going through the hamlet of San Lorenzo (23.5km) and after a further 2km turn right at the T-junction (25.5km) onto SP19 for Montioni. 6km down the road at Montioni there is a bar/restaurant for refreshments. Continue along SP19, crossing the Livorno - Grosseto province border (SP19 becomes SP33), and after 3.2km, turn left and take the Marsiliana road (SP143). This road, with its continuous rises and falls, is one of the loveliest to cycle.

After 12km, turn left at the T-junction (47km) and ride for 1.8km to another intersection where you turn right up a short but steep incline which leads to an overpass, which you do not cross; instead, descend left towards the main road and keep left going uphill all the way (49.1km). After 1.5km there is a possible detour for Massa Marittima. Carry straight to Piano dei Mucini (52.5km), where you turn left and follow the signs for Monterotondo - Larderello on the S.P.439, which begins to rise steeply. Ride uphill and then down to Monterotondo (68.5km). At the crossroads in the centre of the town, take the road on the right downhill towards Piombino and Venturina. The road falls quickly in wide bends towards the Cornia valley bottom. Cross the plain near the hamlet of Frassine (80km). At the 19.4km mark on SR398, there is an intersection (85.1km) where you turn right towards Sassetta. Cross the bridge over the Cornia River and on to Sassetta on SP18. The climb (about 4km) begins after the gentle rise along Pian delle Vigne. At the top of the incline (93.8km), near the cemetery, turn right to join SP329 and carry on downhill to Castagneto Carducci (100km) and then Donoratico (106km). Turn left at the T-junction and follow the Old Aurelia (SP39) to San Vincenzo (113km).