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From the mountains to the plains: cycling around Amiata

Discover unique landscapes with this itinerary

First stage
Towards Monticello Amiata

Depart from Castel del Piano in the direction of Arcidosso, passing through the community of San Lorenzo. After 4 km, you'll arrive at Arcidosso. Near the roundabout, continue downhill, following the signs for Cinigiano. Near the Coop supermarket, stay left, lightly pedalling up the bicycle-friendly incline on the SP7. After approximately 2 km, the road decisively descends towards a bridge that spans the Zancona creek, before rising up to the crossroads of Salaiola. Continue pedalling in the direction of Grosseto for 2.5 km until you reach Monticello Amiata.

Second stage
Panoramic Val d'Orcia
Monticello da Cinigiano
Monticello da Cinigiano - Credit: Katja Meier

From the town, situated in a panoramic spot overlooking Amiata and the Val d’Orcia, continue following the signs for Cinigiano and Paganico SP7. In constant descent, still on the SP7, you'll arrive at Cinigiano. From the roundabout in Cinigiano, with the Carabinieri barracks behind you, take via Grosseto, travelling on it until it meets the SP17, where you'll turn left towards Grosseto. Continue in constant descent, observing the majestic mass of Mount Amiata on the left. Pleasantly descend downhill for approximately 10 km until reaching the bridge over the Melacce creek. Passing over the bridge, pedal for approximately 500m until coming to a crossroads where you'll leave the SP17, continuing in the direction of Granaione, taking the SP92 “Costarelle” on the left, in the direction of Baccinello.

Third stage
Rivers, pastures and woods
View of Roccalbegna
View of Roccalbegna - Credit: Sailko

You'll travel through a beautiful landscape undulating with pastures and cultivated land on a road that frequently changes incline. The SP92 ends near a T-junction, where you'll turn left onto the SP24 in the direction of Baccinello and Roccalbegna. Crossing the bridge over the Fronzina creek, you'll pedal through the bottom of the valley on an easy road. After 3.5 km, you'll pass through the community of Baccinello and, soon after, you'll cross over the Trasubbia Creek: after the bridge, the incline towards the mountain starts. Continuously pedal uphill for 7 km, with a little rest just before reaching Cana. Passing through the crossroads for Cana, continue in the direction of Santa Caterina, Roccalbegna, and Vallerona

Fourth stage
At the foot of Monte Labbro
- Credit: nemo kanenas

After the cemetery of Cana, the road recommences its soft incline, leading up to the intersection of the SP55 for Stribugliano. Continue in the direction of Vallerona and Roccalbegna, tackling the incline until you reach Santa Caterina. At the T-junction, turn left onto the SP160 in the direction of Arcidosso and begin a nice descent which ends at Roccalbegna. Passing through the centre of town and crossing the bridge over the waters of the Albegna, you'll begin the ascent towards Triana, where the incline increases even more. Continue in the direction of Arcidosso, where when bypassing the foot of Mount Labbro, hairpin turns will take you to the mountain pass that lies 900 meters above sea level before pedalling to the small town of Aiole. Here you'll begin your descent, including some technical curves, to Arcidosso. From here, continue without difficulty towards Castel del Piano.

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