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From the coast to the Livorno hills

Enjoy this scenic route starting by the sea

Depart from Piazza della Vittoria in front of the entrance to the 19th-century Castello Pasquini, going south towards the railway station. After 2km you reach Rosignano Solvay, and near the Coop supermarket turn right and follow the signs for Rosignano Marittimo. Take the overpass over the Old Aurelia and the railway line and keep going through the various junctions and roundabouts following the signs for Rosignano Marittimo. Near the Conad supermarket the road bends left, then goes under the Aurelia (SS1) viaduct (5km), and begins to climb to Rosignano Marittimo. After 1.2km go right at a big intersection and follow the signs for Pisa and the Variante Aurelia (the road to the left goes up to Rosignano Marittimo). Immediately after, turn left towards Pisa at the T-junction near the cemetery; the road continues to climb, skirting the historic centre of Rosignano Marittimo to the left. Ride along SP10, which begins the descent to the junction with the SR 206 (9.2km). Turn right and then immediately left onto the “Poggiberna” (SP60) to reach Pomaia after about 7km of mainly uphill road through a beautiful landscape of cultivated fields, farms and cypress trees. At Pomaia (177 MASL 16.5km), go through the village following the main road and the undulations of the hills to Pastina (20.5km).

Shortly after, ignore the turn off on the left for Rosignano and continue uphill for 1km to Santa Luce (23.6km), going through the village on the main road towards Casciana Terme. After 2km, turn left at the junction (25.5km) for Orciano Pisano, taking the “Santa Luce hills” (SP37) which leads mostly downhill to Orciano Pisano (31km). Take the “Orciano hills” road (SP5) until it meets SR206 at a right angle in Marmigliaio (35.3km). Continue for 800m to the T-junction and turn right uphill to Colognole - a steep 500m climb to join SP5 for Colognole, turn left and continue uphill. From the little village of Colognole (36.6km) follow the signs for Livorno and Valle Benedetta, climbing about 2km to the turn off for Gabbro (38.5km) where you turn left onto the “Fociarella” (SP5). At the next T-junction, go left and cycle down the SP8 to Gabbro (42.7km). From Piazza Democrazia in the centre of the village, proceed right in the direction of Nibbiaia on the “Traversa Livornese” (SP10). At the next intersection, go right again towards Nibbiaia up a steep incline (46.8km). From Piazza Barontini the road drops steeply from the Livorno hills towards the coast. After passing “Aia della Vecchia”, the road descends ever more steeply (one stretch at 10%) to arrive rapidly at Chioma (52.6km). At the intersection, turn left towards Castiglioncello, go under the Aurelia (SS1) viaduct and turn left again to reach Castiglioncello (59.5km) along the road that follows the rocky coast.

The most challenging section of the itinerary is the climb up to Nibbiaia in the Livorno hills in the final part, before descending to the coast. Great care and attention are needed in crossing the Emilia (SR 206), which is always very busy.

Point of departure/arrival: Castiglioncello
Distance: 59.5km
Total climb: 800m
Altitude: min. 10 - max. 328
Road surface: asphalt
Difficulty: medium