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From Suvereto to Elba Island: beautiful vineyards and wineries

A trip along the Costa degli Etruschi, taking in the coast and some stunning rural estates

Our journey begins in the pretty town of Suvereto in the Val di Cornia hills. Ancient pentagonal walls encircle this picturesque town, its fascinating architecture, chapels and charming churches. There's a dense woodland of chestnut and oak trees and typical Mediterranean scrub which leads from the town down to the sea. The Strada del Vino cuts across the surrounding lush countryside.


PARCO NATURALE DI MONTIONI. If you love nature and have time, then a visit to the Parco Naturale di Montioni (Montioni Park) is an absolute must. It's just 10 km away. Visitors can take an interesting tour of the thermal spa village, which dates back to the start of the nineteenth century and was built for Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi, Napoleon's sister. 

CANTINA PETRA. Following this rural stop, let's now head to Cantina Petra – an architectural masterpiece designed by Mario Botta and only 10 minutes away on the road to Campiglia Marittima. The building was carved out of the hillside and entirely blends into its natural surroundings. A majestic staircase leads up to a viewing area where visitors can admire the views of the Tirreno sea and small islands off the coast.  

CAMPIGLIA MARITTIMA. Let's now travel west, towards the SP 22 road, for around 20 minutes until we get to Campiglia Marittima. The area is steeped in ancient traditions with much evidence of Etruscan, Roman and Medieval life having been unearthed here over the years. Visitors to this old town in the heart of the Val di Cornia will be spellbound by the traditional architecture and beautiful surroundings.

There are two other great places to visit just a short distance from here. The first is the San Silvestro Parco Archeominerario, where visitors can learn about Etruscan life and visit a Medieval miners' village in Rocco San Silvestro. The second is the Venturina spa, where the natural hot springs flow at 36 °C and the alkaline waters are rich in sulphur. 

PIOMBINO. Once you've refreshed body and soul at the thermal spa, head back on to the Statale 398 road to Piombino. The coastline is hemmed with Mediterranean scrub, small coves and a series of Etruscan necropolises, all of which add to the charm of this city with its glorious past and industrial present. History enthusiasts will enjoy the chance to broaden their knowledge at the Baratti and Populonia Archaeological Park just 15 km away.

ISOLA D'ELBA. Let's head back towards Piombino where ferries connect Isola d’Elba (Elba Island) to the mainland. Elba is the most important island in the Tuscan archipelago, as well as the last stop on this tour. The crystal clear seas and beautiful beaches are just part of the island's charm. Elba has also played an important role in the country's history and, in fact, evidence has been discovered of people living here in Etruscan and Roman times, as well as more recent Medici and Napoleonic periods.

FATTORIA DELLE RIPALTE. With the area around Capoliveri providing a spectacular natural backdrop, we finally get to the beautiful Fattoria delle Ripalte. This wine cellar was designed by Tobia Scarpa. The geometrically shaped walls of the building in Colle di Gianni blend perfectly with the surrounding Mediterranean landscape.

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