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From Sant'Anna di Stazzema to Capezzano Monte

An itinerary between history and nature

History and nature go hand in hand on this bike trail.

The town of S. Anna di Stazzema, known for the Nazi slaughter during the Second World War, is found on the slopes of Mount Gabberi and is reached from the valley of Camaiore. By following an ancient mule track, you can descend from S. Anna to Capezzano Monte and Pietrasanta, therefore linking the two different sides.

Starting from Pietrasanta (12m above sea level), follow the via Sarzanese towards Capezzano Pianore for a few kilometres, until you come across the junction for Monteggiori-S.Anna di Stazzema on the left. Follow this turning and after 2.5km of steep climb you reach the town of Monteggiori and then continue towards Culla. The road has a range of different grades of slopes and moves into ever more panoramic atmospheres, through the western slopes of Mount Gabberi, until you reach the little village of S. Anna.

At this point abandon the road that continues past the cemetery for several kilometres, then turn left and reach the church. At this point it is worth going down by bike and then walking (roadbed), and then stop and visit the shrine built in memory of the victims of the Nazi massacre. The monument is in a panoramic position and is worth a brief stay.

Start walking again and follow the red arrows that go up a slight slope, continue along a path that soon leads to a wide gap where you come across a dirt road that descends to the left. At this point follow the signs (red sign CAI n.3) and you reach the end of the road, near some cottages (Argentiera) and here descending to the left, carry on (pushing your bike) along a fairly uneven path.

Having passed a rocky stretch where you need to pay particular attention, climb back up a few sharp bends to a hill (Case Zuffoni), after which it is possible to continue more easily through the pine woods until the first layers of Capezzano Monte. Still following the red signs and the road sign n.3 CAI, you come onto a dirt track, then a path that leads to the church via the characteristic lanes of Capezzano.

At this point you're back on the asphalt road that in 5km leads, with many bends, to the Versilia plains. Follow it to the left, and enjoying a magnificent view towards the coast, you soon arrive in Pietrasanta where you began.